Association of Psychologists in Nepal (APN)

Association of Psychologist in Nepal (APN) is recently establish with seven members of Psychology Department, Trichandra College to bring the psychologist of Nepal under one umbrella. Our old association NPA is defunct for many years we tried our best to revive the old one which was established when I was student in 1980. It has been worked properly for many years extending relation with International associations and organized International conference even. Unfortunately we do not have any record and evidence of its history. That is the reason; we finally reached a consensus to reestablish a new association with members who were the lifelong members of NPA and young diligent faculties.

Develop an integrated and sustainable development model suitable for Nepal.    

To act as an umbrella association for Psychologists in Nepal to foster cooperation, dialogue, network and collaboration for development

  • To advocate, lobby and facilitate mainstreaming of psychological issues in the National agenda.
  • To organize capacity building programs, trainings and workshops to strengthen the network and its member colleges, institutions and organizations.
  • To serve as consulting and advisory body to the government agencies and relevant stakeholders regarding psychological issues in Nepal.
  • To organize various psychological events having national and international significance.
  • To represent Nepalese Psychologist in international policy/decision making bodies, associations, conferences, and various form.
  • To build network and alliance with international psychological associations, institutes, societies, organizations and networks to foster its development.